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Album Review

 Kevin L Bailey Jr - ‘Rapture/Caught Up’

Written by Wololo Audio


In a world where the number one song today on hit-radio is often about one’s rear end or other such mediocre superficialities, music can sometimes feel a little disconnected from reality. Kevin Bailey, neo-soul/funk/RnB sensation responds with his debut album entitled ‘Rapture/Caught Up’, overflowing with realness, and with raw passion that has quite arguably been absent from the charts all these years. Kevin openly dedicates this album to his mother, a sweet sentiment only made sweeter by just how beautifully executed the lyrics, musicianship and production value are in this LP.


The album’s opener, entitled ‘Still’, grabbed my attention from the get-go. It’s a heartfelt number that describes the tumultuous life of a musician – that even through the hardships of failure, self-doubt and defeat, music will always have him coming back and falling right back in love with the whole process all over again.


“Your Smile” was indeed another star favourite, an absolutely gorgeous piece, complete with uplifting chord progressions, funky downbeat grooves and laced with stellar vocal harmonies all round. The positivity in this one shines down on you like a rainbow after the storm on a midsummer’s evening, as we are reminded about the importance of little things in life, like a smile from a loved one.


If I had to pick a third favourite, Track 4 might just take the cake, if only for its compelling storytelling. Melodramatic chords leading into soaring synth sweeps set the scene for the melancholic ride that is ‘iHope’. Inspired by the bustling, busy mornings of New York City, we are told the tale about a man who spots a woman from a distance, locking eyes for a brief moment but long enough to realise he has fallen utterly head over heels for her. Sweet and simple stories like these create that aura of realness, that rawness, and highlight the fragile and tragic, yet beautifully wild and unstable nature of human emotions.


While the LP is most certainly a collection of songs that encompass a coherent flow and theme, it provides the listener with more than enough variety to keep the senses delighted. ‘When You Want It’ switches up the tempo and vibe, and references a melting pot of inspirations from trip-hop, jazz and even sports some flashy turntablism tricks towards the end (courtesy of DJ Double A). This cements Kevin’s musical diversity, and acutely demonstrates that he isn’t a ‘one-trick-pony’. With this many influences, and not to mention - collaborators involved, the album is sure to appeal to a wide range of audiences, from RnB heads, to soul aficionados, to funk addicts and even casual pop listeners.


All-in-all, ‘Rapture’ not only succeeds in capturing the essence of contemporary soul and RnB, but also manages to invoke the listener with a childlike wonder -- that is, our capacity to dream again, to fall in love again, and to revisit those very first times we felt deeply emotional about the things we loved. If this album is anything to go by, I for one am highly anticipating what’s next in store for Kevin. So do yourself a favour and go pick up Kevin Bailey’s stellar effort that is ‘Rapture’.


 In studio recording drums for "My Girl" with Chris Reeve

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